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This wall plug by Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev doesn’t have a function related to electricity, instead it allows people to change the content of online newspapers that are read in computers using a public wi-fi. Check the Newsteek website for more info.

touched echo

In this very minimalistic installation Markus Kison cleverly uses bone sound conduction transforming a public balustrade in an interface. By placing their elbows in the baustrade visitors can hear the sounds from the air attack that took place back in 1945 in the city of Dresden. The sound is reproduced using a cd player and [...]

Sampling Plong, 2008

Interactive sound installation by Schroeder Niehage

hello world

In this project by Valentin Ruhry each switcher becomes an interactive physical pixel.
Valentin Ruhry
Found at Triangulation Blog

disgusting switches

Installation by Katrin Baumgarten that transforms classic light switches into disgusting “alive” objects that exhibit different behaviours when touched or approached by someone.
Check her website for more information.
Found at Triangulation Blog

When laughter trips at the threshold of the divine


Infravoice is a sound installation by Atsuno Bukohira. By using your voice and speaking or shouting into a cilinder installed in the exterior you’ll hear the echo from that sound some moments later. This sound is then transformed into a mass of energy that provokes an earthquake in the near surroundings. Check the project page [...]

Beim Chef

Beim Chef (With the boss) by Roman Signer.

My little piece of Privacy

Niklas Roy created this clever cute curtain for his window’s workshop in Berlin that is able to move according to passers-by movement and position in the street. The piece gives birth to a funny situation giving a comic character to an everyday life object.
In the words of the artist “the whole setup [...]

Ronnie Yarisal & Katja Kublitz

“Freedom fighter”, 2008/2009

“RELATIONSHIP : The Quick and The Dead”, 2003
Interview with Ronnie Yarisal & Katja Kublitz here
Their website here