February : 2011 : les memoires auxiliaires

les memoires auxiliaires


Month: February, 2011

the Postmedia Perspective by Domenico Quaranta

The following excerpt comes from the final chapter of my book Media, New Media, Postmedia, recently published in Italian by Postmediabooks, who kindly gave Rhizome permission to republish it in English. The book is an attempt to analyze the current positioning of so-called “New Media Art” in the wider field of contemporary arts, and to explore the historical, sociological and conceptual reasons for its marginal position and under-recognition in recent art history.

The twitter revolution must die

Two days ago I received this interesting post in my mailbox via IDC mailing list. In these days of Middle East revolutions it’s important to think the role of communication systems and online social networks. Ulisses Mejias wrote us the following text:
“Have you ever heard of the Leica Revolution? No?
That’s probably because folks who don’t [...]