December : 2011 : les memoires auxiliaires

les memoires auxiliaires


Month: December, 2011

Face to Facebook, 2011

In this Global Mass Media Hack Performance, Paolo Cirio stole around 1 million profile photos from facebook accounts, using them in custom made web-dating site.
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Redes Vestíveis

Redes Vestíveis is a project by Claudio Bueno that transforms people into nodes of an elastic virtual network, visualized in each person’s mobile phone. By moving through space each participant is able to change the network’s shape or to break it by staying in the same place.

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The Giver of Names, 1991

In this project by David Rokeby, the computer “watches” the objects that the participant places in from of a video camera and attributes them a name from a pre-selected list. The computer outputs its interpretation through a text-to-speech system, constructing small poems that we can listen and read in the monitor available in the installation [...]