Mathieu Briand

by filipe pais


Photo from SYS*017.ReR*06/ PiG-EqN\ 5*8


Photo from SYS*05.ReE*03/ SE*1\ MoE*2-4

Mathieu Briand’s work raises major questions about the Westen concept of the subject, particularly as it is formed by visual perception. It also reflects the transformation of our intenal world, which, as result of our increasing access to diverse virtual information, continues to expand in a way that seems disconnected from our relationship to the external world. For example, if we were to watch a relay telecast shot with a camera installed on the other side of the planet on a headset display, our visual perception and our physical body might seem separated, and yet they are not. Through viewing these images, our bodies achieve telepresence – which os not to say that we have actually moved to the other side of the planet. Text by Yuko Hasegawa