Animal Superpowers, Kenichi Okada

by filipe pais


Animals have senses beyond human experience, for example they are able to instinctively sense approaching tsunamis through feeling very low frequencies, communicating through pheromones or can navigating through sensing ultrasonic, electro or geo-magnetic fields.

Curiosity and exploration is one of the major desires of children. How would kids feel if they could transform themselves to the same eye-level as adults
or can you even create an experience of being tiny, even as small as an ant.

Changing the experience also changes your relationship to the environment. Would kids suddenly feel empathy with tiny animals? Is it even possible to create new interface tuning into hidden animal communication like pheromones or retrain senses that we have lost?

This is our series of toys transforming the self and extending and enhancing our sensory range:

  • Ant – feeling 50x smaller
  • Bird – creates a new relationship the environment
  • Giraffe – child to adult converter

by Kenichi Okada, 2007