Room racers and Sound machine

by filipe pais

This weekend I was at ZKM’s Digital Art Works. The Challenges of Conservation exhibition and without expecting there was at the same time and sharing the same space an exhibition called Car culture where I’ve found these two works featuring cars:


Room Racers from Lieven Van Velthoven is an augmented reality multilplayer car game that asks players to construct the race track and to drive through it. An ordinary object that is left under the projection space will enter the game-world rules by transforming itself into an obstacle that will prevent the car to drive freely and consequently augment the game’s degree of difficulty. New objects and their position might be changed anytime since the system will react in real time. Video here



Daniel Baek brings back the times of our infancy when we would spend an afternoon running all the furniture around the house with a small jumping car, simulating its acceleration with our mouths.

Sound Machine augments the movements of the car in contact with the metal panel. A system of microphones amplifies this sound that is reproduced by the amp on the wall. Video here